Noisemaker: Full Speed Ahead

By Kay Kipling Photography by Barbara Banks July 1, 2012

Sarasota native Billy Glueck

Sarasota native Billy Glueck, 39, has been a boater from boyhood, but his engines really got revved for racing when he drove a race boat for a friend after the regular driver was injured. Now Glueck (who owns Glueck Auto Parts in Osprey) competes on the Super Boat circuit up to 10 times a year. He’s throttle man of his Twisted Metal team, controlling the speed (140 mph is his record) and balance of his 40-foot boat as it cuts through the water. They’ve had “every kind of close call there is,” he admits, but he loves every adrenaline-fueled second—especially when he competes in his home town, as he will in the Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix on July 1.

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