Behind The Counter: Kim Delaney

Photography by Lori Sax By Beau Denton May 31, 2012

Kim Delaney (LORI SAX)What’s the best part of working the front desk?

Meeting different people from all over the United States and other countries.

The biggest challenge?

Sometimes the rooms aren’t ready, so if a guest is having a long day traveling and they’re really tired, I’m trying to turn them around so they’re in a better mood.

How do you handle difficult guests?

By reading people and knowing what’s going to make them happy. Sometimes just listening and showing compassion makes a difference. Since we’re so close to the hospital, we have people who stay with us because a family member is in the hospital, and sometimes they just want to talk about it.

Most common request?

Local information. Dinner recommendations, or what there is to do around the area.

Strangest request?

I’ve had people ask me to go buy them things at the store, or pick up their prescription. With those random things you have to stop and think, “Did you really just ask that?”

What do you look for in new hires?

Personality. You can teach people how to use the system, but you have to have the personality to want to talk to people.

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