The Food Trucks Are Coming!

By Megan McDonald February 15, 2012

Food trucks are coming, and not a moment too soon.

I dream of walking around in the warm Florida sunshine (well, not too warm) with melted cheese sticking to my chin as I bite into some concoction of the newest, gooeyest sandwich that comes out of a food truck.

I love food trucks and would like to consider myself a pioneer since I used to put my baked goods, prepared with my Easy Bake oven, into my cart and hawk them around the neighborhood and to the mailman--who always gave me an extra 10-cent tip.

Starting this past Monday, I hail to Mindy, “the food truck maven,” who has brought food trucks to the City of Sarasota and somehow broke through the barrier of the city council. Bring on the grass-fed burgers, mac-and-cheese and fish tacos. Grab your paper towels, ladies and gentlemen, meet me at Links and Ringling and bring on those food trucks!

Photos of food truck fare in Portland, Oregon, from earlier this year.

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