Sweet!: 1940 Alta Vista St.

By Robert Plunket January 11, 2012

1940 Alta Vista St.

Sometimes houses are described in the real estate adds as “cute” or “sweet” or a “dollhouse,” which usually means “small.” Well, this one really is sweet. It’s a 1940s cottage in Avondale, the classic old neighborhood just south of Mound Street. Rumor has it that it was designed by Ralph Twitchell before he went modern, and there may be some truth to that, as it’s several notches above the usual cottages in the area. Check out the corner windows.

The house is made of cypress, inside and out. Some of the interior panneling has been painted; other rooms have the original wood finish. Wood floors, of course, and a fireplace. The rooms are not large, but the house has its original footprint, without any ill-advised remodeling. The kitchen and bathrooms have been updated, but they still have the feeling of the past.

The front garden is particularly nice, with hedges and brick walks. In the back is an ultra modern carport, of all things, designed by Totems, a local firm. It sort of works, although I would be tempted to put in a pool and turn the carport into a pool/guest house.

It’s a short sale and it’s priced at $449,000. Call Lou Salvatori at (941) 374-2666.

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