McClellan Park: 2200 Mietaw Drive

By Robert Plunket December 21, 2011

Every once in a while you find a house in Sarasota that’s so Key West in feeling that you can just picture yourself hanging out all day by the pool, wandering into the kitchen for margarita refills, while  your biggest worry is what to do about dinner tonight. This house right in the middle of McClellan Park fulfills that fantasy perfectly.

A guest bedroom.

The master bedroom has a sleeping porch that overlooks the pool.

It was built back in 1935 but remodeled several years ago by prominent architect Gene Aubrey, the master of the New/Old Florida look. The main house is flooded with light, has lots of space, and is very informal but stylish in feeling. My favorite twist is the whitewashed wooden floors. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, each special: the master has a lovely sleeping porch overlooking the pool, and the guest room has a large semi-circular alcove lined with window seats, overlooking  Cliff Roles’ house. With any luck you’ll catch him sunbathing in a Speedo.

Living and dining areas.

Like a true Key West house, everything focuses on the pool. There’s a pool house and a guest house, with a nice one-bedroom apartment that was added during the remodel. The entire property is surrounded by a charming celery-green fence, with special indentations here and there to preserve the old trees for which the neighborhood is famous. (In case you’re unfamiliar with McClellan Park, it’s Old Sarasota, with winding streets and bungalows, just minutes from downtown.)

The house has two, possibly three, bedrooms (not counting the guest house) and comes in at just over three thousand square feet. There’s a very large one-car garage and more parking under the porte-cochere. The asking price is $975,000 and the listing agents are Donald Geike and Dana Westmark at (941) 951-6660.

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