STOCK UP: A Must-Have Winter Accessory

By Megan McDonald November 11, 2011

Stockings and tights get their due for the warmth factor this time of year. But consider that this one simple-stylish-add-that-you-can-find-nearly-everywhere accessory easily changes the look of your winter skirt or frock.

I’m jumping right in with Wolford, one of the most luxurious brands of stockings out there. If you haven’t seen these before, wait ‘til you go to the website: Ah.Maz.Ing. I feel sexier just shopping the site for them! 

Now, I understand if you’re not used to that price point for stockings, but here’s my pitch: You feel sexy, you look sexy and I have pairs of Wolfords that are at least five years old, so they last. I own the classic solids along with some of the fun patterns, too.  I’m always, always, complimented on them.

Wolford Bonny Dots tights. So FUN!   

Wolford Ines tights--have these, love them.  Bonus: The vertical pattern elongates the legs.

NOW for the classic fishnet that somehow never goes out of style….kinda like leopard print.  Which always makes an investment in either worth it. 

I’m showing Wolford fishnets here in black, but I want to share a fabulous tip I learned from reading the celebrity stylist blogs. Ready for it?  Buy them in nude.  They become the perfect nude stocking for those of us opposed to wearing what we feel is dated. Not only that but they add a comfort level, hiding flaws, and they have the total chic factor.

Note: Before purchasing, be sure to test the fishnet’s “stretch-ability,” so that you’ll have a pair that will stay put.  For instance, if they feel too much like actual netting, chances are you’ll be pulling them up all night. Nobody likes a runaway stocking…

Wolford fishnets.


Color Palette tights from Anthropologie for $13.50--as the name suggests, these come in many colors

Or, sometimes you’re better off red, like model Eniko Mihalik in these thigh highs:

Courtesy of Vogue Italia // Eniko Mihalik in red thigh highs

Have you heard of  It’s one of my fave online shopping sites–it’s a marketplace for artists. You can find cool things like these 7 Deadly Sins stockings:

These Rodarte for Opening Ceremony nude tights give you the tat look without the commitment….$110. Available at Opening Ceremony.

U-turning here, back to luxury. 

I still feel like I was in the right place at the right time when I overheard two of the most fashionable (and gorgeous) women in Sarasota discussing Oroblu stockings.  My ears perked right up when I heard the statement “They make you feel a size smaller.” 

Uhhhmmm. Yeah. You know I went right home, fired up the laptop and ordered a pair.  I’m here to tell you that they are everything Sandra Lindqvist and Jacqueline Morton said they are. 

Frankly, not only will the weather inspire me to pull these out of the drawer but so will all those holiday cookies.  Check out


FASHION BITES: For the Stylin’ Little Ones

How cute are these J.Crew tights for little girls?

$14.50 at

Or these Little Marc Jacobs tights on

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