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Photography by Joni Dusek October 1, 2011

Chocolate CupcakesThis city is crazy for cupcakes. We know that because when we asked our nearly 4,000 Facebook fans to help us choose the best cupcakes in town, we got our most responses ever—and some of our most passionate responses, too.

We narrowed the field down to the top vote-getters and asked Michael’s On East’s Phil Mancini and our own Chef Judi Gallagher to help our editors choose the winners.

Best Overall: Sarasota Cupcake Company’s Boston Creme Pie cupcake. “Wonderful,” “perfect,” and “delicious” raved our judges after just one bite. The clear, uncontested winner.

Best Frosting: Heavenly Cupcakes. We tasted the vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes, and all the icing was fantastic. “Almost as good as my mother’s,” said our senior editor (aka Mr. Chatterbox) Bob Plunket.

Best Cake: Cupcakes-A-Go-Go’s vanilla cake. The judges agreed this cake was moist and flavorful, but not too sweet.

Best Texture: Cupcakes-A-Go-Go’s vanilla cupcake with lemon frosting. “I loved the combination of textures in the cake and icing,” mused associate editor Hannah Wallace, licking the last bit from her fingers.

Best Cake-to-Icing Ratio: Sarasota Cupcake Company. “Absolutely wonderful; not too overwhelming,” said Judi Gallagher of the thick layer of custard lurking beneath a rich topper of hardened chocolate.

Best Decorations: Sarasota Cupcake Company. “These cupcakes are, hands-down, always beautiful,” enthused Phil Mancini.

Most Original: The Lollicake Queen. “Not a traditional cupcake, but moist and full-flavored nonetheless,” declared web editor Megan McDonald.

Facebook Fanfare


“Heavenly Cupcakes for sure! Jacquelyn and her staff are awesome. Plus, a cupcake TRUCK? Seriously?! Win.”

—a nomination from Facebook fan Megan Tommasi

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