Tools of the Trade

By Spencer Campbell March 1, 2011

In honor of January’s 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Academy Awards of gadgetry, this month’s “Tools of the Trade” decided to showcase a pair of the show’s “Best of Innovations” winners. We found some very handy electronics that could assist any businessperson, beginning with the Aura-Z HD Conferencing Cam by Spracht, which won an Innovations award in the category of computer accessories. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but still able to transmit video in 720p high-definition clarity, compatible with a Mac or PC and can be used with Skype and iChat.

Also honored at CES, in the computer peripherals category, was the HP Photosmart eStation. The best of the next generation of printers, the eStation allows users to print, fax, copy and scan, plus surf the Web. No more needless rebooting of the PC to print directions; simply find MapQuest on the handheld and print from there. In fact, the system’s remote permits you to print from anywhere in your house or office. $399.99.

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