Small’s World

By Kay Kipling March 1, 2011

Artist Sabrina Small has lived in Berlin, Miami, San Francisco and even Budapest, but with family in Sarasota (where she attended high school), she came back two years ago to nest in a historic wood frame house dating from 1936, tucked away amid stands of bamboo and tiki torches along Whitaker Bayou. It’s small but suitable, offering her studio space, room for the vinyl records she loves to listen to, and a living room where she’s set up a sewing machine to stitch together forms for the piece she’s collaborating on with Fuzion Dance Artists (onstage March 25-27 at the Cook Theatre, based on her dance-based image, Black Orpheus). She’s also a stop on this month’s Creators and Collectors Tour for the Fine Arts Society. “I sell my work pretty well here,” she says. “And I know more people I can work with.”

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