Tools of The Trade

By Spencer Campbell October 31, 2010

Battles over the office thermostat are legendary, so vicious at times that it’s safer to put it behind lock and key. But whatever the temperature, there’s usually no controlling the dryness caused by conditioned air. This problem must be rampant at technology company Brando, because they’ve come out with the USB Mini-Cool Humidifier. Small enough for the cube, this humidifier has enough juice to run for 45 minutes and is powered through either batteries or a USB cable. Plus you can drop in different aroma flavors to block the stench of your cube partner’s Stetson bath. $39

Birkenstocks and tie-dye T-shirts might be the clothing most closely associated with the recycling movement, but it’s hard to climb the corporate ladder when you’re dressed like a Grateful Dead roadie. Ease your conscience and still look sharp with’s Vintage Typewriter Key Cuff Links. If dismembered keyboards aren’t your thing, the company’s cuff link line also features obsolete subway tokens from Washington, D.C., and Chicago, Scrabble tiles and out-of-date coins. $38-$125

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