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By Robert Plunket September 22, 2010

In our brand-new issue—October—you’ll see a couple of beautiful homes on Anna Maria island designed by famed architect Gene Aubry (he designed the library in downtown Sarasota.) Well, one of them just came on the market. In fact, it’s Gene’s own home. So let’s take a closer look at it.


408-410 Spring Ave.

It’s located at the northern end of the island, a short walk from the beach. Actually it’s two houses—a sort of duplex arrangement—but in real estate jargon we’re calling it “luxury villas.” Both share a pool and beautiful gardens. 



This place could have been lifted straight from Key West. It has all the wonderful touches of homes down there. It’s on a walled lot, planted with lush but easy maintenance tropical plants. There are screened porches overlooking the pool. The rooms themselves are more traditional than modern, with crown molding, hardwood floors, 10-foot ceilings, granite counters. One of the units has a fireplace.



Both villas are elevated, as per the new building codes, and in the nonconforming space underneath there are garages and playroom-type areas for pool—the other kind—and other recreational activities. Gene has his old MGA sports car parked in the garage, and I must say, it fits in perfectly with the lifestyle.


One villa has two bedrooms, the other has three. It’s a perfect situation for a family compound or luxury rentals. And you can read all about Anna Maria in our October issue. It’s the hot new beach town, believe it or not—even though it will take you back in time to childhood vacations with your grandparents.


The price for the villas is $1,499,000. The listing agent is Terry Hayes, (941) 308-6494.

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