Tools of the Trade

By Spencer Campbell July 31, 2010

Thanks to smart phones, sending electronic messages doesn’t require an office or a computer anymore. In fact, the only thing keeping us shackled to a desk is the impossibility of turning paper (real paper) into e-mails without a scanner. There’s no app for that. Luckily, the folks at The Neat Company have developed a portable scanner, the NeatReceipt, which weighs less than a pound and can scan everything from important documents to receipts to business cards. Plus, the information it pulls can be exported to Excel, Quicken and Turbo Tax programs, or a PDF file. $199.95.    



If you work in a 21st-century office, chances are that the space behind your computer is infested with tangles of unruly power cords, USB cables and, at least at our desk, some sort of yogurt-like blob. While we can’t help with the blob, we can limit the knots of cords by directing you to the t’Light, short for “The Most Talented Light,” from M&C Lighting. This normal-looking three-watt LED office lamp is the ultimate plug-able for your toys, with slots for your laptop, iPhone and a USB port, plus 50,000 hours of light. $119.  

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