Crunching Numbers

By Hannah Wallace June 30, 2010

Hooked on Sturgeon



Estimated pounds of sturgeon

caviar Mote will produce in 2010


No. of Mote Marine staff

in sturgeon program: 8

No. of states Mote farm-fished products go to: 7

(Florida, Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Washington and California)

No. of sturgeon at the lab: 58,000 (370,272 pounds)


Retail price per ounce for caviar


No. of countries Mote farm-

fished products go to:

(Mote hopes to begin selling 

overseas shortly.)


Estimated pounds of sturgeon

meat Mote will produce in 2010

Retail price per pound for meat:


Source: Mote Marine’s Center for Aquaculture Research and Development

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