By Alexandra Garcia May 1, 2010

Sarasota Memorial Among Best in America

Sarasota Memorial

ranks among the top 5 percent of hospitals in America based on its unusually low mortality and complication rates, according to a recent Medicare study. The annual survey by Health Grades, an independent hospital rating company, singled out 269 hospitals across the country with unusually low mortality and complication rates for 26 different procedures and diagnoses. These include treatment for heart failure, pneumonia, stroke, as well as hip and knee replacement operations, back surgery and stent procedures. Sarasota Memorial – already named among America’s 50 Best Hospitals by Health Grades – was designated among the top 5 percent of hospitals nationwide for having the lowest complication and mortality rates for a variety of procedures. The rankings are based on data from 40 million patients on Medicare who were hospitalized between 2006 and 2008.

The Truth about Dental Implants

A great way to restore a missing tooth, secure a floating denture, eliminate messy glue holding the denture and replace missing teeth with a new fully fixed set of teeth, dental implants are titanium “roots” placed into the bone. But first, patients must decide type of final restoration you want, according to the doctors at World Class Dentistry, who will then use a CAT scan to determine if there is adequate bone for placement of the implants in the correct position and location—marked by a custom “surgical guide.” The next step is to know what type, size and length of implant each site will need. Once everything is planned, the implants are placed, healing occurs and then the final restoration chosen by the patient is placed.

Adjusting the bite may be the most critical component to the longevity of the implant. Proper homecare is important, too. Treat implants like natural teeth and be sure to brush, floss, water-pick and rubber tip. Implants can last a lifetime if properly placed and maintained. To find out if dental implants are right with you, contact World Class Dentistry at (941) 923-6363 or visit

Wake Up Looking and Feeling Fabulous

Morning routines are a breeze after a night on a Branche Charmeuse pillow case. The pillow case protects delicate facial skin and aids in revealing fine lines and wrinkles. It also smoothes the hair’s cuticle layer, adds body and shine, and reduces hair loss and breakage in addition to diminishing frizz and keeping curls smooth. The Branche Charmeuse pillow case is irresistibly smooth and promotes more a restful and regenerative night’s sleep. This luxurious pillow case is available at The Met Day Spa and Salon located at 35 S. Boulevard of the Presidents on St. Armands.


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