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By Hannah Wallace April 30, 2010

[The List]

Public ceo salaries sarasota-manatee*

Company: Roper Industries

CEO: Brian D. Jellison

Salary: $1 million

Total Compensation: $17,212,476

Company: CPC of America

CEO: Rod Shipman

Salary: $689,935

Total Compensation: $8,041,601

Company: nFinanSe

CEO: Jerry Welch

Salary: $270,385

Total Compensation: $1,207,851

Company: International Consolidated Companies Inc.

CEO: Antonio F. Uccello III

Salary: $106,907

Total Compensation: $1,129,907

Company: Sun Hydraulics

CEO: Allen Carlson

Salary: $373,000

Total Compensation: $562,542

Company: Teltronics Inc.

CEO: Ewen R. Cameron

Salary: $449,038

Total Compensation: $458,713

Company: PGT Inc.

CEO: Rodney Hershberger

Salary: $339,269

Total Compensation: $398,641

Company: Invisa Inc.

CEO: Edmund King

Salary: No salary

Total Compensation: 125,000 shares of company common stock

*Ranked by total compensation. Dollar amounts are for the 2008 fiscal year. Total compensation amounts include salary, bonuses, stock awards, option awards, non-equity incentive plan compensation, change in pension value & nonqualified deferred compensation earnings and all other compensation. Compiled by Alexandra Garcia.


Oblication: Vacation time spent managing personal obligations, such as taking time off from work to move your son into his dorm at college. 



[Tools of the Trade]

by Beth Luberecki

Skip the hassle of tracking down mini bottles of grooming supplies with Travelon’s ( Toiletry Sheets (50 per pack, suggested retail price $4.99). Available in soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream and laundry soap, the sheets suds up when mixed with water. So you can use that one-quart bag to pack yourself a snack instead.

Tired of setting off the metal detector with your belt buckle? Beep Tec’s Beep Free Belts (, $20 to $29) boast composite, metal-free materials that let you glide on through without a sound. Once you arrive at your destination, you can trade the nonmetallic buckle for a dressier brushed nickel one ($8) before heading into your meeting.

Organize your outfits and keep your suitcase neat and tidy with Magellan’s ( Packing Cubes ($16.85). That way, if a TSA agent needs to open it up to take a closer look, he or she won’t have to delve through your delicates to do so.

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