Tools of the Trade

By Hannah Wallace March 31, 2010

 Maybe you’re having a disagreement with the spouse. Maybe you’re speaking with a client on a strictly confidential basis. Maybe that rash has come back and you need to call the doctor ASAP! Whether it’s one or the other (or all three), you don’t want co-workers to overhear the phone conversation. What you need is the Herman Miller-designed Babble Voice Privacy System. Working with landline or cell, the Babble captures your voice, scrambles it and recycles it as garbled gibberish through twin speakers to provide 180-degree coverage and complete confidentiality. The Babble unit itself is the size of a tape dispenser and is activated by the push of a button. 

The Babble can be purchased at $395.

 Your World of Warcraft character might be very impressive, but chances are high that your boss doesn’t care and could be downright agitated if he finds you slaying elves on the company’s dime. Does that mean you should abandon the quest from 9-to-5? Not if you’ve got the StealthSwitch. Basically, the StealthSwitch serves as a foot pedal that attaches to your computer. Whenever prying eyes are hovering near your cubicle, simply tap the pedal and whatever’s visible on your computer screen disappears to reveal another, more vocationally correct window. Available at $39.95.

by Spencer Campbell

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