Peak Performer

By Hannah Wallace March 31, 2010

Wealth managers Scott Rockwell, 44, and Rich Williams, 41, both of Morgan Stanley, allocate their workout time to John Selzler of Opening Day Training.

Why Opening Day Training?


John’s got a master’s degree in exercise physiology and was the strength and conditioning coach for the Baltimore Orioles. With all that, plus his quiet intensity, you know you’re getting a good workout. Scott: And it’s fun. What we do professionally is very stressful, and we’re inside 24/7. It’s great to get outside two or three days a week.

Describe a typical workout.

Scott: John’s very fond of cones. We’ll do a series of drills—run to the cone, shuffle sideways, run backwards. Then he’ll take out the football and make us run different pass patterns—it’s a great change of pace. We’ll do some strength work—pushups, pull-ups, lunges—mixed with core and balance drills, too. Doing a squat is a whole other thing when you’re standing on a BOSU ball. 

Rich: And he’s always cognizant of things like ankle injuries or shoulder issues, so he can give you alternative exercises.

How do you stay motivated?

Rich: When you have a group, there’s somebody there to give you moral support, or throw you under the bus if you don’t show up. Scott: John’s on my calendar. Today I have a client meeting at 3:30, we’ll meet with John at Bee Ridge Park at 4:30, then my son’s baseball practice starts at 6. I wouldn’t work out today if it wasn’t on my schedule.

What are the benefits of this kind of personal training?

Rich: I’m the kind of guy who has a Y membership but only goes once a year. I’ve been working with John for three or four years now. He gives us creative workouts. Scott: This year I want to add 10 pounds of muscle and lose 10 pounds of fat. John’s pretty low-key, but he has the ability to turn it up as high as you need.

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