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By Robert Plunket January 13, 2010

What you can buy in Sarasota today for $100,000, $500,000 and a million.



By Robert Plunket

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Today let’s take a look at what you can get in Sarasota these days for a pre-determined price point. I’ve chosen $100,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000.




During the boom it was hard to find anything decent at double this price point. Today there is a big selection of homes and condos priced at the $100,000 level. This is a crucial price, as it often ends up being cheaper than renting.


2891 Browning St.


This two-bedroom, two-bath house near Paver Park is exactly what you should be looking for in this price range. It has the crucial elements that put it at the head of the pack – location (just east of downtown in an up and coming neighborhood), condition (nicely remodeled in 2005 by the owner for her own use – not a flipper), a second bath (hard to find in this price range) and best of all, a sense of homey style – in this case, a retro 1950s feeling with special touches like oak parquet floors, 11-foot ceilings in the living room, a screened lanai, a very nice stainless steel kitchen.


This is a short sale but it is my understanding that the onerous paperwork has already been done and it’s set to go at $99,000. Call Liz Nason at 941-350-2243.




If your budget is half a million you can start looking at large family homes in gated communities and the highest-end condos and townhouses in golf course developments. And if downtown appeals to you, you’ll find some great deals at the moment.


1631 Laurel St.           


This house at 1631 Laurel St is an outstanding example of an older (built in 1916) historic home in a hip, upscale neighborhood. It was extensively remodeled by well-known local architect Thorning Little in 1998, but it retains an old fashioned feeling – it seems like it’s been enlarged and added to over the years like a farmhouse. The result is an eccentric layout but one that is very versatile and great for a family. I kept losing track of how many rooms there were; you turn a corner and there’s a whole other wing. (It’s officially listed as a 4-bedroom/4-bath in 3,000 square feet.)


Very Key West in atmosphere, the home has wraparound porches, some screened, some not, and an interior that is bright and glowing. My favorite part was the large two-story room on the second floor that could be used as a master or an artist’s studio. Price: $499,000. There is some contiguous rental property in back that can be included in the sale for some additional money – or not. Call Judy Beck at 941-320-2825.





And now for the Holy Grail – beachfront property! Yes, you can now get something really nice these days for a million or so. Take a look at this condo on Longboat Key. It’s in a premium building (Promenade) and it has a view that looks far more expensive than the $995,000 price tag.



1211 Gulf of Mexico Dr., #111


It was originally 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, but has been reconfigured as 2 bedrooms. It’s on a low floor,but to me that just means you can see the beach and Gulf better. With 2,273 square feet, it’s spacious, with two terraces. Owned by a prominent local family well-known in the Sarasota arts scene, it has high-quality, sophisticated floor and window treatments – very sleek and great for art. There’s also an eat-in kitchen, and built-ins in many of the rooms.


Promenade has great amenities – an enormous pool, four tennis courts, a concierge, club rooms, parking under the building. And best of all – that incredible view. Call Michael Moulton or Annette Rogers at 941-383-7591.

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