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By Robert Plunket September 9, 2009

TV celeb designer Jason Champion just put his Sarasota house on the market!


Click here to see our Real Estate Junkie discuss Jason Champion's home on ABC7.


The hottest new listing in town has to be Jason Champion’s house, located in an unassuming part of Gulf Gate. Jason is, of course, the Sarasota celebrity of the moment, one of the contestants on the hit reality show Design Star. Jason didn’t make it to the finals but he did a very credible job on the show, and now he and his partner Jim Del Rio are weighing their options, which – from what I hear – will probably include a move to New York or L.A. to take advantage of the offers that are coming in.



Jason Champion

Their gain may be yours also, because their house is sensational. It’s got chic Design Star style, architectural history, and a great price. Built by local architect James Padgett (he also designed the Church of the Cross at the South Gate traffic circle) it is a bona fide part of the Sarasota School of Architecture, dating from 1965. The Padgett family lived there originally, and Jason and Jim have updated the house perfectly, letting the house speak for itself.



What I like best about it is that unlike many Sarasota School houses, which have an almost museum-like attitude toward modern design, with Barcelona chairs and Knoll furniture placed just so, this one is decorated in the latest style, a sort of Hollywood Regency take on 1960s and 70s glamour. The result is totally up-to-date and a good example of the endless possibilities that a modern house has if you think outside the box. (The house is being sold unfurnished, but I’m told that some of the furniture is negotiable.)



The house is not large (3 bedrooms, 2 baths) but it has some “wow” features, including a two-story living room, a great staircase up to the second floor, and a cat walk that leads to the master bedroom. There are also skylights and indoor planters set at ground level. The baths have been updated and glamorized but the original kitchen pretty much remains intact, including the wall oven and range hood and cabinets. And why not? They’re in perfect shape and work great.



The neighborhood is pleasant and middle class, mostly ranches from the same era. And the price can’t be beat – $299,000. For more information get in touch with Martie Lieberman at [email protected] or go to


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