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By Ilene Denton May 1, 2009

Kristin Raybon of KR Design made a splash at the recent Sarasota Orchestra Designer showcase with her Asian-influenced master bedroom and bath, for which she collaborated with Pamela Yates of Robb & Stucky. 

The majority of my clients: Over the last two to three years have been second homebuyers in beach and golf club communities; lots of empty nesters who think they’ll be here part-time, but who end up falling in love with Sarasota and moving here full-time. Because it starts out as their vacation home, style and function have to go hand in hand. I design: classic interiors—they’re not trendy; they’re going to be in style 10 years from now. I’ve had clients who want that Tommy Bahama look, but I try to explain to them you can get that feeling without one palm tree or one monkey in your design. [Instead] use colors and textures to make the room interesting, different pieces and transitional elements. Mixing pieces makes a room more interesting. You can evoke a seaside feeling: With fresh—not bright—colors. I love using lots of white in the fabrics and mixing it with bright chromes, lots of different textures and furniture styles so the room feels interesting and it flows. The model I designed at Summer Cove: Is a beach-to-bay residence aimed at a second homebuyer. It’s definitely transitional in style with greens, whites and blacks; a modern twist on the old Tommy Bahama. I love to shop: At the downtown antique stores. I shop everywhere from high to low. You can do some really great major pieces and mix them in with inexpensive finds; nobody is going to know. My favorite trick to luxe up a look: Use expensive upholstery on the front of a great pillow, and mix it with store-bought bedding. When seasons change, you can change out the pillows and get a new feeling without spending a fortune. Another way to make it look expensive: Lighting. Find a great chandelier at an antique store and have it refinished; it’s great way to dress up a dining room. I’m adamant about: Combining function and style. If it looks great and it’s not livable—if you can’t sit on that white sofa—that’s no fun. Nobody wants to live like that.



What’s next?

Bouquets for the Bath From THG Paris comes a new line of luxe Bernardaud porcelain faucets that—dare we say it—drips with luxury. Delicate mauve or spring-green butterflies dance across the elegant, clover-shaped handles, adding a certain joie de vivre to any powder room. Available at The Plumbing Place in Sarasota.;

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