Noisemaker - April 2009

By Hannah Wallace Photography by William S. Speer April 1, 2009



Take-Home Chef

In December, Blake Ellis became one of only 16 chefs nationwide named "personal certified chefs" by the American Culinary Federation—the only organization the government recognizes for certifying individual chefs. And while the 20-something’s resumé also includes a degree from the American Culinary Institute and stints at Tampa’s Bern’s Steakhouse and The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, nowadays he’ll happily prepare gourmet meals in a tiny condo kitchen. Ellis’ two-year-old Sarasota company, Eloquent Entrées, offers customized meals prepared in-home—all he needs is a stove, an oven and a little room in the fridge, he says. Ellis admits his cooking career really began in daycare. "While everyone was outside, I was inside baking banana muffins," he says. His next culinary goal? A pastry shop.


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