Who’s in Store?

By Carol Tisch March 1, 2009

Olivia Bono has her finger on the pulse of fashion—ethical fashion, that is. “You don’t have to dress in potato sacks to be eco-friendly,” says Bono, who has uncovered an amazing array of socially and environmentally aware vendors who specialize in luxury and style.

“I do not find ignorance to be blissful,” Bono explains of her mission to audit every item at Juno & Jove not just for organic materials or sustainability, but for corporate conscience and fair trade as well.

 Bono’s research skills were honed during law school and a summer abroad studying the European Union and international law in Brussels. There she was inspired by high-fashion designers committed to making the global community a better place. With an undergraduate degree from New York University’s film school and TV experience in Hollywood, Bono has an eye for beauty that guides her selections.

“It’s important that everything we sell looks beautiful, but it must also have a noble function,” she concludes. Juno & Jove, 100 Central Ave., Sarasota, (941) 953-0000

Can’t live without “Organic cotton sheets. They’re awesome and affordable because we have them made to our specifications: 320 thread count and $185 for a queen set. They’re our own private label, organic and fair trade—really soft and a great value for the money.”

What this town needs “We need to know it’s no longer necessary to compromise morals for beautiful fashion,” says Bono. Responsibly made, eco-friendly clothes are now offered by trend-setting designer brands like Terra Plana, whose chic vegan shoes ($214) are made of recycled rubber soles and uppers of recycled quilts from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Let’s dish The entire Juno & Jove staff is hooked on sustainability and products like Riverside Design Group’s beautifully shaped dishes made from recycled sea glass (small bowl, $25; wave dish, $46; free-form platter, $56).

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