Just a Love Nest

By Robert Plunket February 11, 2009

A perfect buy for a romantic couple.


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By Robert Plunket


Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. And as our thoughts turn to love, licit and illicit, I thought I’d feature the perfect Sarasota love nest. It’s located in the Alinari, one of the big high-rises across from the Van Wezel. It’s not really in the building itself, but rather behind it, on a raised area overlooking the pool. They have some little townhouses back there, and the atmosphere is like a cabana at a Las Vegas or Miami Beach hotel—very Frank Sinatra.



The Alinari, 800 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota


The townhouse has 1,761 square feet, and like a good love nest, it has the perfect layout for a couple. You enter into a two-story living room with lots of natural light. There’s also a state-of-the-art kitchen and a sort of bonus room, not really a bedroom as it doesn’t have a closet. It’s separated by a sliding glass privacy wall. You could stick the kids from your first marriage here when they come to visit, or—much better—fix it up as a sort of den or media room. It opens to a large terrace facing east.


Living room


Upstairs is where the magic happens—a large loft-style master bedroom with an elaborate bathroom (there’s also one on the main floor.) A small balcony faces the view over the city. It’s the perfect couple’s retreat. And then, to top everything off, there is also a roof top terrace. It’s large—22 by 50 feet—and has power and water (put in a hot tub?) and a view of the bay.



Master bedroom


There are a lot of apartments this size downtown, but few offer this design that’s so conducive to a glamorous love affair, even if you’re married (to each other, of course!). And best of all, the price is right—just under $500,000. Call Phil or Terry at (941) 408-5005.


Roof view

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