Ultimate High

By Robert Plunket December 10, 2008

Inside what may be Sarasota’s most spectacular penthouse.


By Robert Plunket


Click here to see our Real Estate Junkie discuss Sarasota's ultimate penthouse on TV.

Since we’re getting to the season of office parties and nipping the eggnog at your desk when you think the boss isn’t looking, let’s have some fun today and take a look at Sarasota’s ultimate penthouse. It’s got everything—the best location, the highest-end finishes, the most space, the best views, plus the highest price tag: $8.5 million. With conventional financing your mortgage payment would be around $45,000 – a month.


It’s owned by a Fortune 500 businessman who is currently divorced, so if it has the air of an elaborate bachelor pad, there’s a reason. The décor is consistent from room to room and very elaborate, with lots of marble, granite, and cherry wood. It has four bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths, plus a media room, a piano bar, a billiard table, and an open air hot tub on one of the terraces.


Ready for the tour?





This is the entrance foyer. No, not to the building, just to the apartment. Notice the French art deco look, like something from an ocean liner back in the 1930’s.


The living area flows off in all directions, but contains three main areas.



The living room.


The dining room.




 Of course there is a home theater.



The elaborate master bath. There’s a “his” section and a “hers” section, plus an exercise room.




On one of the terraces, a hot tub overlooking downtown Sarasota.




And finally, one of the most spectacular views in town. Here’s looking north, over the bay, out to Longboat.


For more information call Andrew Bers from Prudential Palms at 941- 383-2550.



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