Great New Gadgets

By Hannah Wallace September 30, 2008


 Remember what a miracle Polaroid photography seemed when it was introduced? That miracle—color photographs in a minute from film/paper containing its own developing chemicals—is back for the age of digital photography. Zink Imaging has created devices that merge camera and printer, yielding “instant” photo prints. The first camera to incorporate such a print system is from Polaroid, hoping to rise from the near-dead. The Zink printer/camera will sell for $199, and a special paper containing the color chemicals will cost $19.95 for 100 2-by-3-inch prints. And, yes, it can print images from your cell phone.


Office desks, even the expensive ones, are usually so boring. That won’t be said of this magnificent desk from Spacify Products. The glass desk has a swooping modesty panel that adds a kind of Star Trek feel to the assembly. It is built of varnished aluminum pieces connected by steel, with red leather accents. Definitely a commander’s throne. $12,885.


The Torch sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, but it is a laser pointing device that bills itself as the world’s “brightest and more powerful flashlight.” It’s courtesy of a company called Wicked Lasers, which also sells a variety of more normal business presentation pointers. The company says the torch can melt plastic, set paper on fire in seconds and even roast a marshmallow on a stick. Fortunately, the laser intensity can be adjusted. Few want their PowerPoint presentation to go up in flames before the board of directors. $299.99.


It’s too late to be an early owner of the all-electric Tesla sports car almost ready for delivery to those who lined up with down payments two years ago. But here’s the next hot ticket: the Fisker Karma coming to market in 2009. This hopes to become the top hybrid sports sedan in a market not too crowded. It will pair an electric motor with a four-cylinder engine, and promises both power and economy. Every luxury option is included in the $80,000 price, and the first 99 will be signed by the designer, Henrik Fisker.

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