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By Robert Plunket June 25, 2008

Good buys are starting to move—here are two worth grabbing.



By Robert Plunket


I’ve been helping my friend Kate look for a house this past week and consequently have been going through one place after another. We narrowed it down to the two best, and then called the listing agents. And guess what? They’d just been sold! Both of them.


The lesson? The good stuff is suddenly starting to move. If it’s special and very well-priced, it is selling. So grab it.

This week’s best buys fit right into that category. Granted, the first is a little strange. It’s a remodeled 1,200-square-foot cottage in an unusual location – right behind the miniature golf course on the Trail near Myrtle. You either like the location or you don’t. I loved it. It’s convenient, has an enormous lot with wonderful trees, is tucked away at the end of a little cul de sac. It even has a fence with netting above it, I guess to prevent any stray golf balls from landing in your yard.

 Exterior of Norwood home.

You’ve heard of golf course living – well, this is miniature golf course living.

 Remodeled kitchen of Norwood home.

The house has been remodeled in an eccentric but hip way, with a lot of surprisingly high end touches. The kitchen is sleek and European, with a wine refrigerator and marble counter tops. The owners, it seems to me, are taking a tremendous loss – the original price was $339,000. Now it’s down to $179,000 – and it’s west of the Trail. Move! Call Chris Bradley at 374-1590.


Exterior of Bellevue home.

Next is a much more conventional house, but just as nice. It’s a 1950s cottage on Bellevue, about a mile east of the Y. The big selling point here is the charm of the remodel, complete with picket fence. It’s move-in ready and very Pottery Barn in color and feeling. The kitchen has stainless appliances and solid wood cabinets, there’s crown molding, and the roof, plumbing and electric are new.



Remodeled kitchen and living room of Bellevue home.

The only drawback is that at just over 1,000 square feet, it’s a little small. But it’s cozy rather than cramped, and it has a cute little den and a screened back porch. Best of all is the wonderful, homey feeling. It’s going to make a single person or a young (or old) couple very happy. Particularly at this price: $175,000. Call Dana Westmark at 356-5091.

(Photos of Norwood home by Chris Miller; photos of Bellevue home by Matt McCourtney.)

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