Noisemaker - May 2008

By staff May 1, 2008

As new president of the NAACP Sarasota County Youth Chapter, Edward James III promised “to register as many young people to vote as possible.” In his first few months in office, he’s already signed up more than 50 new Sarasota voters, and he’s excited about seeing “young people all over the country voting in record numbers” this year. An NAACP member since 1992, the Pine View senior (son of ABC7 Black Almanac host Ed James) loves politics and admits he’s always had the gift of gab: “Even if I didn’t know what I was talking about, I still wanted people to listen to me.” These days he he’s talking about “facilitating social justice movements” and uniting the country. This fall, he’ll be attending University of Chicago, where he’ll closely monitor November’s election.

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