Fashion Statement: Gregory Arthur

By staff November 1, 2007

What are you wearing? A striped, fitted Gant shirt, concrete-colored thin-wale cords by Façonnable, Louis Vuitton suede shoes and a Seiko diving watch. How would you describe your personal style? European-conservative. How do you know when it’s time to update your look? We spend about a month in France every year and I like the slimmer fit I see over there, so I buy most of my clothes abroad. But also, you change. About eight years ago, I was trimmer, so I had to really look to find clothes that fit. The first few times I wear something cutting edge, I’m aware of it, and then it just feels right. What will you add to your wardrobe this season? Two-button suits. I just got rid of about 15 three-button suits because two-buttons look more contemporary. I like a fitted, non-pleated, body-conscious style. What is your fashion trademark? My shirts. I often order them from Addison’s on Madison (in New York City). I like my shirts fitted with double buttons up both sleeve cuffs for a cleaner, flatter finish. I also look for subtle style points, like the lime-green stitching on several of the belt loops and the pockets of my cords. What wouldn’t you be caught dead in? Right now, single-pleat pants. Any favorite products? I like the Aveda line, and I love the scent of Creed. Where do you shop? In Sarasota, mainly at The Met or maybe Saks. In New York, I like Barney’s. Where do you go out in Sarasota? We particularly like The Table and Café Bologna. How do you stay in shape? I bicycle and swim and run around with my kids (ages seven, six and two).

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