Sarasota Classic

By staff August 1, 2007

Preserving Sarasota’s architectural heritage has never been more successfully accomplished than with Guy Peterson’s renovations to the iconic Revere Quality House. A classic of the Sarasota School, it was built in 1948 to showcase the use of Revere copper products in postwar housing. But its greater accomplishment was to define a moment in the history of architecture, when new ideas were everywhere and Sarasota was teeming with brilliant minds like those of Paul Rudolph and Ralph Twitchell, the Revere House creators.

Time and remodeling had taken its toll on the house when Peterson took on the project several years ago. Even worse were the economics of the situation. The acre lot the tiny house stood on was now prime multimillion dollar Siesta Key real estate. How could it be preserved in a way that made economic sense?

Peterson and builder Pat Ball came up with the solution of making the original house the guest house for a new 4,755-square-foot home that would be the epitome of modern Sarasota luxury. The result is a museum-quality work of art—two houses that speak to each other, separated by the years but united by the timeless language of classic modernist design.


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