A Tudor Gem

By Robert Plunket August 15, 2007

That wonderful old Tudor Dozier House is finally on the market, and I say, don’t change a thing.


By Robert Plunket


Guess what’s on the market? The Dozier House. It’s so nice I once bought a house on the same block just to be able to look at it on a regular basis. It’s the kind of place that stirs deep emotions in people.


It’s very un-Sarasota, and that’s what makes it so unique. But that doesn’t mean it’s anti-Sarasota. It fits in beautifully.


1714 Irving St.


It’s a 1925 two-story Tudor at 1714 Irving Street, just off Osprey. There are maybe three or four in the entire town. Pelham, New York and Oak Park Illinois are full of them, but it’s a style that passed Sarasota by. Half timbered and sporting green awnings, it’s a classic between-the-wars affluent American house. It sits on a big corner lot, with a green lawn in front and a backyard shaded by century-old oaks. It even has a rose garden. The view out the sun room window is straight out of an Andy Hardy movie – old bungalows, green hedges clipped just so, giant sun-dappled trees. It’s an ultra-premium West of Trail location, and believe it or not, you can walk downtown.


Back yard.

The interior matches the exterior. It’s full of quirky, charming touches, many original. The pecky cypress living room is a perfect blend of Florida Tropical and New England Colonial. There’s a wood-paneled den, a great old fashioned kitchen, original tile in the bathrooms, and, my favorite – a shower off the downstairs hall. (It was for the convienence of old Mr Dozier, a prominent Sarasota lawyer, after he was incapacitated.)

Living room.


Guest bedroom


Interior details.


There are also a guest apartment over the garage (a legal rental), three bedrooms, two and a half baths – plus, of course, an extra shower.


Susan McLeod (she’s listing the place for Michael Saunders) and I are having a minor disagreement about the Dozier House. She’s looking at it from the refurbishing point of view. I say, don’t change a thing. It’s been beautifully maintained and is permeated with a homey, well-loved family atmosphere that would be impossible to recapture.


The price? $875,000. Quiet a bargain, but the real news is that something this unique is for sale at any price. Call Susan at 388-4447.
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