Sale of the Century

By Robert Plunket June 29, 2007

By Robert Plunket


Move over, Michael Saunders. I just sold my very first house!


I sold the house! Yes, you read that right. The house in Bayshore Gardens (see previous blog, below) is now off the market. And I got Laurel’s price. In 10 days. In fact, there was even a little bidding war. I’m even more flabbergasted than you.


People are so astonished that they’re starting to ask me my real estate secrets. So I’m thinking of putting together a little course, or seminar if you will, detailing my three-step approach to real estate riches. Here it is in a nutshell:


Step No. 1: Carefully research the comps. Choose five to eight houses in the immediate neighborhood. Then price your house just below (but noticeably below) the competition.


Step No. 2. Initiate multi-part marketing campaign. I used signage, the Internet, radio, word of mouth, and cold calls.


Step No. 3: Cut off the head of a chicken and sprinkle blood in the front yard. Do a little dance.


Well, there’s no stopping me now. I understand that Michael Saunders is shaking in her boots. She’s terrified I’m going to grab her share of the lucrative Bayshore Gardens market. What she should really do is offer me a job, hint, hint.


By the way, in case you’re wondering, I broke no laws and acted ethically, pretty much.
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