Great New Gadgets for Work and Play

By Hannah Wallace June 30, 2007

HAVE NO FEAR Fearless Yachts stole the spotlight at this year's Miami boat show with models designed by Porsche Design Studio. The first to come to market is a 28-footer that can zip across the water at 80 mph, thanks to a 525-horsepower engine. The stylish boat is already said to be a favorite of the jet set, and at $300,000 it will take a jet setter to afford one. Numerous optional items include a Porsche-quality premium audio system. If you're willing to wait a while longer, Miami-based Fearless Yachts will soon introduce even larger models.

A REAL FIND Back on firm ground, if you can't find the keys to your car, much less your Fearless Yacht, you need the FOFA Key Finder and Remote Control Locator. It sounds like something you might hear hawked on late-night TV, but it does fulfill a need of the forgetful. For only one easy payment of $24.95 you get two—count 'em two—key fobs with batteries included. Order two sets now and they'll toss in free priority mail shipping. Use one on your remote control. Another on the car keys. Each can find the other! What are you waiting for? Oh. Can't find a pen. We understand.

SLICE OF TIME Does time seems to be running out on you lately? Or maybe stock market fluctuations have cut into your desire to spend a small fortune for a grandfather clock. What you need is a mere slice of the action—a slice of grandfather clock. Each piece is hand-made of wood with a plexi face and measures 14 inches long and 3 inches tall. $80. Check it out at

SPARE CHANGE Here’s something every handy husband would love: the Ductbills wallet, made from actual duct tape. You can make one yourself with the myDuctbills wallet kit, which comes with 15 feet of duct tape, four pockets and a spacious bill compartment. Two guys began creating these wallets and selling them at an Oregon flea market, and they couldn't make them fast enough to meet demand. Thus they created the easy-to-assemble kit. The myDuctbills wallet kit is $20, or already-made wallets begin at $25.

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