Fashion Statement Zoe Cassavetes

By staff June 1, 2007

Spotted at: The Sarasota Film Festival 2007 Filmmakers’ Tribute Dinner at the Longboat Key Club.

What are you wearing? A black silk corseted tulip dress by Brian Reyes, ankle-wrapped, hardware-studded Marc Jacobs heels and a gold chain dotted with tiny green gemstones and diamond studs. How would you describe your style? I like minimalist, not big fancy. I try to stick to classic lines. I like jeans. What are your favorite beauty products? I love Lipstick Queen and I’m really into Rose Balm (great for lips and nails). I also swear by face blotting papers [to control shine]. What do you reach for when you want to project authority? Do I ever do that? I guess black pants. I also have several good Libertine suits that I like. What wouldn’t you travel without? Hand cream, face cream, lip balm, an eye mask—I always sleep on a plane—and cozy slippers. What about hair products? Nothing. I don’t touch my hair. Just a brush, then? I don’t use a brush. Haven’t touched one since the ‘80s. Your mother, Gena Rowlands, is always beautifully polished. Did she give you any beauty advice? She always says, “Zoe, at least put on some lipstick and some brown eye shadow.’” You’re good friends with designer Marc Jacobs. Do you have any other favorite clothing stores? In New York City, Castor and Pollux, Built by Wendy, Ludevine (on Fourth Street) and anywhere that carries Marc Jacobs. You’re often seen at Fashion Week. What do you like best this season? There are some really good, shifty dresses, so easy to wear. Also I love the corset styles that are out now. Dresses really make getting dressed easy. I love that.

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