Fashion Statement: Eleana Najmy Hall

By staff May 1, 2007

What are you wearing? A spaghetti-strap gossamer gown in garnet over black with butterfly embellishment from Allen Schwartz, Alfani sandals, jewelry from my husband’s grandmother and no purse—just a lipstick in my husband’s coat pocket. How did you choose your dress? I bought this dress for my engagement party five years ago, but with the butterfly appliqués, it was a natural for tonight. How would you define your style? I go for old Hollywood glamour: feminine and sophisticated. I also love trends; you can buy them inexpensively to change your look for one season. What I really love is unique costume jewelry, the kind of thing you buy on vacation in the islands, something handmade that evokes a memory whenever you wear it. Anything you wouldn’t be caught dead in? I’d try anything once. I don’t think I’d look particularly good in overalls or anything that overwhelms my petite frame. Where do you shop? Everywhere from Ann Taylor to Saks to T.J. Maxx. How about restaurants? I love Barnacle Bill’s. Also Selva Grill and Chutney’s. I go for fresh, healthy, flavorful foods with exotic spices, lots of fish, fruit and vegetables. Do you also exercise to stay in shape? I run, bike, walk and swim. Sometimes I do an old-fashioned workout with push-ups and sit-ups, but I don’t go to the gym, I just go outside. Any favorite products? I’m faithful to Estee Lauder products, and I mix in drugstore cosmetics as well because they’re fun and inexpensive. For hair, I use whatever happens to be in the shower. What do you like best about Sarasota? The tropical environment. I’m one of those people who lives here and actually goes to the beach

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