Moor for the Money

By Robert Plunket April 18, 2007

I almost bought this St. Petersburg house.


By Robert Plunket


Isn’t this house amazing? It’s in St. Pete and I nearly bought it. Then I came to my senses.


But we must know somebody who wants it. It’s totally unique.


It was built in 1925 and as to the name of the style, well, your guess is as good as mine. The owners are calling it Mediterranean Revival. To me it’s more Neo-Moorish. At any rate, there’s nothing like it—at least, this side of Fallujah.


Yes, it’s a wreck. It has no AC, no kitchen appliances. The full basement (!) tends to, well, “get kind of damp.” It has exactly one closet. It’s in a not-very-good neighborhood.


On the plus side: It’s poured concrete and indestructible. All the amazing windows are original and intact. It’s relatively large (1,800 square feet) and the four bedrooms are sunny, breezy and beautiful. It’s on a double lot and the two adjoining lots behind it are also for sale, by different owners. And it adjoins Roser Park, one of St Pete’s big gentrification success stories.


And it’s cheap: asking price is $239,000.


Spread the word.

Back door detail


The address is 630 14th Ave. South. The owners are Dori and Darren Fagin. (727) 455-6128.
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