Great New Gadgets for Work and Play

By Hannah Wallace March 31, 2007


If you're technically adept, you can certainly set up your own Web cameras to spy on your home. But the KwikPeek is an all-in-one solution that greatly simplifies the process. Unlike most units, which only run for about 10 continuous hours, it can operate for months on a single set of AA batteries. A timer turns it on or off to further extend battery life. The main unit sends wireless video and live audio 300 feet, through walls or floors, to any TV or PC. Up to four cameras can feed images to the main receiver, and the signal is encrypted so your neighbors can't spy on you. $199., or call (800) 676-3402.


With outdoor rooms all the rage, there's a real need for a large-screen television set that can be left outside in all kinds of weather. SunBriteTV has (perhaps) the ultimate: the Model 3200HD-Pro. Its specs match those of a fine indoor theater model, yet you can turn a hose directly on it without damage. Everything from the screen to the speakers is weatherproof; even the airflow system that cools its components is filtered against dust and bugs. It's safe to use in Florida's muggiest temperatures, and it's ready for cable or satellite TV hookup. There's even a remote control to change channels from your pool. $4,495.


A study recently concluded that the ideal work posture at a computer is a 130-degree angle. In other words, you hurt your back if you sit bolt upright or lean forward. Enter the Total Immersion Personal Computer Environment workstation. There are lots of ergonomic workstations these days, but this futuristic-looking one may be the most elaborate. It allows the user to recline in the healthy, recommended laid-back posture, with full back, head and neck support. It can even accommodate up to three monitors. It's not cheap, though. $2,750 without the computer equipment.


Now that you've taken care of your comfort, rest assured that technology is looking out for Fido, too. Certain small breed dogs have problems that are aggravated when they sleep on a hard surface. What they need is the FlexGel Luxury Pet Bed. The pitch sounds like a late-night TV infomercial: It's healthy, won't absorb odors, is hypo-allergenic, reduces 90 percent of vehicle vibrations while your pet travels in a crate, and even keeps Spot cool by wicking away moisture. Three sizes are offered, beginning at $149.95. Order one directly at or call (888) 435-2337. 

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