Fashion Statement

By staff February 1, 2007

Suzanne Coelingh

Spotted at the Mistletoe Ball.

What are you wearing? An emerald silk twist-neck halter with Fortuny pleats, black peau de soie pumps, a Mary Frances white fur “Snow Princess” bag and Art Deco earrings and pin. What’s your fashion philosophy? Less is more. Who are your style icons? Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. What they wore was timeless, but their styles were different and individual. What’s the biggest mistake people make today? They let their clothes wear them. Too many accessories, styles that overwhelm their size, too many trends. What wouldn’t you be caught dead in? Hot pants! Do you have a trademark? No patterns, no trends, and one great accessory, like a scarf or a necklace by family friend Kay Susnar [one-of-a-kind necklaces by Susnar can be found at Write-On Sarasota]. I collect shoes and purses, too. What’s your current favorite purse? A pink lizard clutch by Cole Haan. It seems to go with everything; you wouldn’t think so, but it does. Any favorite products? I think I have one of every make-up brand. My latest favorite is Laura Mercier’s foundation primer. It really works—keeps your make-up from melting off your face. I also like Shiseido cleansing foam. Where do you go when you go out? Mostly the Table, Pacific Rim or Zoria. I also love Marina Jack’s for lunch now that they’ve redone the back porch. Where do you get your hair done? Guillermo on Hillview. He’s so much fun. Where do you shop? I like Saks locally and Neiman Marcus in Tampa. What do you like best about Sarasota? The way the different generations hang out together. You meet each other on committees and become friends. It’s not always like that in bigger cities.

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