Tweaking My Routine

By staff January 17, 2007

In keeping with my New Year’s resolution, I’ve been looking forward to small happinesses—like grocery stores, hot dogs and fog banks.


By Hannah Wallace


I am so excited about the new Publix on 41 north of downtown! Seriously. I must be getting older when grocery stores can thrill me. After hearing it had opened, I planned my Saturday around going there to spend the $3 coupon I got in the mail. (Another sign of getting older? Driving around the block to retrieve the coupon after I left it in my apartment—then forgetting to give it to the cashier when I checked out.)


But speaking of driving around the block, fair warning: The store is just a tad difficult to access from the north. If you’re headed south on 41, you’ll have to turn down 10th Street, and even from 10th you’ll be blocking traffic if you try to turn left into the Publix lot (actually, I’m pretty sure that’s an illegal turn). Of course, that’s all easily solved by heading north down Cocoanut Ave. and going in the back way.


Or, really, you could just take the roundabout route—it’s not like climbing Everest or anything.


Anyway, in my strangely excitable head, the new store’s disorienting, deeper-than-wide layout is thrilling. I’m still having trouble believing they fit an entire supermarket in there, though I managed to find everything I needed. I’ll have to keep checking back to see if I can figure out what products they overlooked to make the store fit in that space.


And in keeping with one of my New Year’s resolutions, I’ve been making grocery lists—such effective grocery lists, in fact, that my refrigerator recently has been delighting me with dinner options every evening. Actually, I can’t tell if it’s the lists that have done that, or just my untiring affection for Hebrew National hot dogs.


(Has anyone noticed I’ve been writing “Hebrew” a lot in this blog? If my blog had a drinking game, you’d have to take a sip for every appearance of that word.)


(My blog should have a drinking game.)


As for my resolution to read more, Tuesday evening’s fog bank was too cool to pass up. After work, I sat on a bench in Bayfront Park for as long as there was light, reading Annie Proulx stories and occasionally looking out at the disappearing sailboats.


But I’ve yet to return to Shakespeare’s to continue my circumnavigation-by-beer. Of all my resolutions, how is that the one I’ve been neglecting?


And as a result, I’m blogging about grocery shopping. This must be remedied.
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