Fashion Statement

By staff January 1, 2007

Spotted at Noche de Celebracion for St. Jude’s

What are you wearing? A dark Armani suit, Hugo Boss coral shirt and blue tie with Italian-made shoes in dark caramel, and a crocodile Tissault watch. How would you describe your style? I do not like trends. I like a classical look. What mistake do you think men make today in terms of style? It is so appalling to see how young men dress today: pants falling down, shirts out, no shoes. Twenty years ago, it was only the homeless who dressed like that. Any special products you like? I just like to smell clean. I like Aveeno soap, and for scent, Calvin Klein is not offensive. How do you stay in shape? I get some exercise and I eat. I tell you that because here [at the Evolution Day Spa he runs downtown] we teach people how to do both. I also drink wine. I do two days of cardio (running two to three miles) and two days of strength training per week, but I also love to dance, salsa and merengue.  What do you like best about Sarasota? United States and Canada, Sarasota is the only place where the people are so welcoming, so nice and embracing. I am from another country [the Dominican Republic], but here it is like having a big family. Where do you go when you go out in Sarasota? My favorite restaurant is the Beach Bistro. I also like Selva Grill and a little Peruvian restaurant called Red, on Hillview. For nightlife, 15 South on St. Armands. And when you’re out, what do you like to see women wear? Hmmmm. I think sundresses are very sexy.

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