Fashion Statement

By staff October 1, 2006

Spotted at: Mesa Lounge on Hillview.

What are you wearing? Skinny jeans from Gap, a flyaway, bead-embellished halter top from Banana Republic, wedge sandals in neutral leather by Tosone and a necklace from Argentina. You’re from Argentina? Yes, a small city called Mar del Plata, which means "silver sea." What’s your fashion philosophy? I teach yoga, so what I wear is influenced by what I do. I like things I can move in, but I am also Latin and I want to reflect the fire of my culture. Who’s your style icon? I like to make up my own ideas. I like sometimes Jennifer Lopez’s style, but not everything. What’s the biggest fashion mistake people make? Not personalizing a look. I don’t want to look like I just walked out of a store wearing exactly the same thing as other people. And you must always respect your own body type and size. What wouldn’t you be caught dead in? Neopunk. I like to look like a woman. What do you like about Sarasota? I love the beaches, the weather and that it’s la little town in the summer but busy in winter. Do you wear tiny bikinis here? Not so small as in Argentina. I did that when I first arrived but everyone stared at me, so now my bikinis are bigger. What will you be wearing next season? Skirts. Every length. And feminine tops, silky and with embroidery. I like old-fashioned things. Where do you shop? All over. I buy leather in Argentina because it costs too much here for the quality we get very cheap at home. I really identify with European fashions but I shop everywhere. I buy things at T.J. Maxx and change them to make them unique

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