Southern Comfort

By staff July 1, 2006

Age: 58. Design experience: Graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design in 1971, while working for Jacobson's on St. Armands. Bought Whitney Design & Associates [with John Griggs] in 1984 and will become president of ASID Florida West Coast Chapter this fall. Style defined: Usually more simplified. I am a Chanel suit. Every home needs: A floor plan you can get through. Scale the furniture. Many places have such over-scaled furniture that, unless you're in a bank lobby, two chairs and a table fill the room. What to display: If it looks good and it has sentiment, we're using it. Price has nothing to do with it. Good advice: If the designer tells you, "You must do this," go get somebody else. I don't live there; you do. My dinner parties: Summer we barbecue, and in the winter, maybe a roast. On Easter we do Southern, so it was ham, cheese grits and pole beans for 13 guests. In my home: When guests get ready to leave, they have to put their shoes back on. You know your home is comfortable if your guests are comfortable. Giving back: At one point we did eight major events for charity a year. When I was young, I was helping a friend who was chairing something and I felt guilty because I couldn't write a check. She said, "I can get someone to write a check. I can't get someone to come and work. I can count on you."

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