A Man for All Styles

By staff January 1, 2006

Why Sarasota? I came here as a Ringling School of Art and Design student 43 years ago and founded Pedlar's Village Interiors in 1972. Style defined? I don't have a style. I like to do all different types of design, from classic modern to period design. Who inspires you? Mother Nature. You can't fight her. From light to physical impairments, if something is already there, rather than trying to remove it, make the project work with it. My home is: Contemporary with a touch of Danish modern, French Renaissance in the dining room. The living room is Queen Anne and Georgian. If I weren't an interior designer: I'd be an automobile designer. What excites you about Sarasota design right now? That it isn't a redo of the Addison Mizner look-the big, dark pieces of furniture. I call it "human scale." When you sit down on a sofa, you don't need 20 pillows to keep you from falling back. Luxury needs to be designed for the person who's going to be sitting there.-Hannah Wallace

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