On the House

By staff November 1, 2005

The Asolo Theatre Company had a mega-hit on its hands last summer with Menopause the Musical, drawing more than 45,000 people-mostly women of a certain age-during its 15-week run and keeping house manager Ed Folts very busy indeed. "People came from all over the state to see it," he says. "Some brought their whole neighborhoods."

From his command post in the lobby, Folts oversees everything that happens in front of the curtain, from ordering liquor to training and scheduling 500 volunteer ushers. "I enjoy the people," he says. "You have every different kind of personality, so every day is different. The low point is when you have a wonderful show and nobody shows up. We're supposed to be a cultured community, yet say 'Shakespeare' and they run to the rodeo in Arcadia."

His only complaint is not being able to watch as much of the shows as he'd like. "While the show is going on, there's paperwork I have to do," he explains. "I take a busman's holiday on a day off and go and see a show."

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