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By staff May 1, 2005

Fine feathered feeder

For the gastronomically pampered bird, this copper-topped wooden gazebo feeder is beautiful and functional, a combination not found in every bird feeder. Its fly-through design makes it easy to view a greater number of feeding birds at one time. The 20-inch version retails for $200; the 18-inch version sells for $130. Both can be found at Wild Birds Unlimited, 7382 S. Tamiami Trail. (941) 922-1388.

Something to Chirp About

This handsome cockatiel, part of a line of colorful stained-glass bird lamps, is a conversation piece sure to make a statement in any tropical-themed room. It retails for $96 at the Rain Forest Store at Selby Gardens, 811 S. Palm Ave. (941) 366-5731.

Uncaged Symphony

Raising songbirds in intricately handmade bamboo cages has been a tradition in China for over a thousand years. In America, birdcages such as this delightful stained wood version more typically house artificial birds or ivy. It's available for $175 at China Trade, 2300 Bee Ridge Road, (941) 923-5966.

Foolproof Flock

Of all the birdbaths in its collection, this large-columned birdbath with concrete birds perched on it is the most fun, says Marty Isaac of The Statue Place. "The two little bird statues seem to attract the birds," he says. "I don't think we fool the real birds, but they come anyway." $99.

The Statue Place, 4429 S. Tamiami Trail, (941) 924-8198.

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