Crunching Numbers: North Port Vitals

By Hannah Wallace December 31, 2004

Number by which the population of the North Port workforce grew between 1990 and 2003: 29,760

As of 2000, the median age of the North Port workforce: 41. The median age of Sarasota County's workforce: 50. Venice: 69

Percentage of North Porters in professional occupations: 27. In skilled labor: 17. Unskilled labor: 3. Self-employed North Porters: 13

Percentage of North Porters who make $20,000 or less annually: 10. Between $20,000 and $35,000: 37. $65,000 and more: 15

Percentage of North Porters in their 40s, the most populous adult age group: 27. Percentage in their 30s, the next most populous age group: 22

Percentage of North Porters who hail from the Northeast: 35. From other countries: 2

Percentage of North Porters with college degrees: 47

Percentage of North Port residents who work elsewhere in Sarasota County: 56. In Charlotte County: 22

Percentage of North Porters who work in North Port: 17

Percentage of survey respondents who said they would take a job in North Port if it was available: 80

Source: North Port Workforce Survey, April 2004.

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