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By saratemporary July 1, 2004

A hybrid of surfing that dates back to the 1920s, skimboarding is gaining muscle with young athletes, especially in Florida and California. Since it doesn’t require major waves, it’s a natural for the Gulf Coast, where legions of sinewy youngsters are defying gravity—and competing for titles. In addition to some home-grown skimboarding pros, we’re attracting major players from other parts of the country, says Jacob Shields of The Compound Surf Shop in Sarasota, which supplies equipment and apparel to many of the athletes. You can often spot skimboarders near the North Jetty in Nokomis, which many fans consider the best spot on the west coast because its deep water drop-off allows them to try bold moves and new tricks without wiping out painfully on sand. On the summer morning we caught up with these skimmers, the waves were firin' and the guys were stylin' as they caught some sick (that's good) air.


540 shuvit - When Justin was up in the air and turned around.

Big spin - When Justin spins 180 degrees and his board spins 360 degrees.

Floater - when they ride the top of a wave down the length of it.

Going down the line - when it looks like a regular surf ride.

Superman - When Taylor holds the board in mid-air off a wave.


1) Wearing green (with red stripe) Volcom modulators shorts.

2) Wearing Quicksilver tourqoise and orange board shorts.

24 years old, considered an "old man". Grew up in Venice but currently lives in Encinatas (sp??), California. Travels routinely to Japan and Mexico to compete and promote his sponsor, Zap Skimboards. . At one time was ranked No. 8 in the world. Been skimboarding for 17 years.


Wearing white Billabong swim shorts with the blue stripe.

Wearing royal blue Hurley board shorts

22 years old. From Venice. Been skimming five years.


Wearing bright fluorscent green Billabong shorts.

12 years old. Currently ranked No. 1 in his age group. Been skimming for just a year. From Venice.


Wearing red and black shorts by O'Neill. (O'Neill is his corporate sponsor, so he has to wear only O'Neill clothing in phot shoots.)

Wearing white shorts with orange flowers.

12 years old. Last two years, ranked No.1 on the entire east coast of the United States. Been surfing since he was 6 years old. Been skimboarding for four years. From Venice.


Molly Killorin, curley hair, 16 years old, from Venice.

Emily Shaw, straight hair, 15 years old, from Osprey.

Bridget Burban, 16 years old, from Sarasota.

All three are wearing Roxy swimsuits and Volcom shorts.

The Compound Surf Shop

Jacob Shields, wearing blue shirt and black pants

Matt Clippard, wearing tan short and black shorts

They supplied the fashions 

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