Letter from the Publisher

By staff April 1, 2004

Twenty-five years ago, this magazine was born. Its purpose then was the same as its purpose now: to give the Sarasota area a monthly chronicle of our community's life. In the past 25 years we've documented, as well as participated in, the dynamic change that this community has experienced. And you've been with us all along.

You are our readers, our supporters, our advertisers. You are our writers, our photographers, our designers and stylists, our printers and our production experts. We've all worked as a community, meeting once a month here on these pages to read and to reflect-and to ponder our pasts as well as our futures.

Through it all, we've grown. We've all grown 25 years worth together. We've strived to be good neighbors, to take care of each another and our environment. We've shared stories, dined together.and gone out dancing. We've celebrated great music, great art and architecture. We've all laughed at the same funny jokes and anecdotes. We've celebrated quirky, uniquely Florida whatever form they might take. And we've all applauded great writing.

We've partied.. We've worked together to change the community. Sometimes we've just stretched out on the beach. We've raised a toast and raised children, mourned together and buried friends and family. We've celebrated the births of babies together, and we've all been watching the same sunsets for a quarter of a century. And we've celebrated every one.

We are community. The SARASOTA community.

I'd like to say "thank you" to everyone who makes up our community and has helped make this journey of SARASOTA Magazine possible. This is your magazine, your community and your life. It's our extreme honor and privilege to document it for you. We hope that you enjoy this special tribute our editors have prepared and that you find it a great look back to the past 25 and ahead to the next 25.

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