Addicted to Love

By staff February 1, 2003

Reproductive Medicine

Sarasota gynecologist Dr. Joe Corcoran reports that despite the media hype, couples choosing in vitro fertilization still face only about a 25-percent success rate. Those diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" can expect only a 15- percent to 20-percent success rate. Still, he maintains that many factors can skew these numbers one way or the other. Age, a history of sexually transmitted disease, and response to fertility drugs can all affect the outcome. "The bottom line," says Corcoran, "is that the best first step is a consultation with an experienced and up-to-date physician who can discuss your problems with you and help map out a strategy that maximizes your chances with success."

Age and Sensuality

More news from that study commissioned by AARP/Modern Maturity.

Older adults prefer relationships to sexual activity sometimes. Ninety-two percent of men and 87 percent of women rate a good relationship with their partner as important. Sixty-four percent of men and 68 percent of women claim they are at least somewhat satisfied with their sex lives. Only 26 percent of male respondents admitted being impotent at some level. Of those, less than half say they've sought treatment for the condition.

Stats and Facts

The Florida Vital Statistics Annual Report for 2001 reports that April is the most popular month for marriages. Not too surprisingly, August is the, ahem, hottest month for divorce. After decreasing for four consecutive years, then increasing and decreasing the next two years, divorces for the last three years are back up again. But, over the past two decades, Florida's divorce rate actually declined nearly 30 percent overall.

To find out how else love is affecting the citizens of Sarasota, read Pat Haire's health report on page 233 of the February 2003 issue. Available on newsstands now.

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