Sarasota's Best Breakfasts

Plus, meet our 2023 Unity Award winners and learn about how psychedelics like ketamine are changing psychiatry.

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Arts & Entertainment

Making a Name for Himself

At Just 25, Ringling Grad Jamiel Law Has Found Success on the National Stage As an In-Demand Illustrator

Law is a highly sought-after illustrator specializing in editorial and narrative work for clients like The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Guardian and Netflix.

01/24/2023 By Nick Steele

Only in Sarasota

The Bay Offers a Place for Rest and Tranquility

John Pirman illustrates a small sandy nook with views of Longboat Key.

01/11/2023 Illustrations by John Pirman

Unity Awards

Doricha Sales Teaches the Art of Ballet to Break Down Barriers

"I think my profession can help more people see that dance is accessible to them.” 

01/09/2023 By Dariela Delgado

Unity Awards

Arlene Sweeting Gives a Voice to Underrepresented Communities

In 2004, Sweeting partnered with the New College Student Alliance and 96.5 WSLR was born.

01/09/2023 By Isaac Eger

Eat & Drink

The Best Part of Waking Up

Sarasota's Best Breakfasts

Whatever breakfast means to you, our area is rich with options. From humble diners to culinary temples, local eateries serve a stunning variety of morning meals.

05/17/2024 By Cooper Levey-Baker and Lauren Jackson

Bring the Heat

At Turmeric, Indian Cuisine Warms You From Within

The new Indian restaurant occupies the old Starlite Room on the corner of 10th Street and Cocoanut Avenue.

01/06/2023 By Lauren Jackson

Health & Fitness

The New Medicine of the Mind

Ketamine and Other Psychedelics Are Changing Mental Health Care

New treatments offer hope for those suffering from long-term depression.

01/03/2023 By Megan McDonald

Feelin' Good

Owning a Dog Has Major Health Benefits

Studies have shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol and a lower resting heart rate than non-owners.

09/22/2022 By Matthew Gutierrez

News & City Life

Love is in the Air

Six Local Couples Share Their Love Stories

With Valentine’s Day approaching, these dynamic duos share the stories of how they met.

02/02/2023 By Laura Paquette

Unity Awards

Meet Our 2023 Unity Award Winners

This year’s honorees are making Sarasota a more inclusive, just and compassionate place.


Unity Awards

Jennifer Fagenbaum Keeps Families at Risk of Homelessness Together

“The people we serve are hardworking and want to be successful and stable. They just don’t get paid enough to match the cost of living here.” 

01/09/2023 By Kim Doleatto

Unity Awards

Darren Gambrell Makes Higher Education More Accessible and Inclusive

“It is extremely important that we develop the cultural competence needed to better understand individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.”

01/09/2023 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Unity Awards

Bill Sadlo Helps Youth Cope With Unprecedented Mental Health Challenges

“We go where the youth and families really need us.”

01/09/2023 By Lauren Jackson

Unity Awards

Dr. Manuel Gordillo Steers a Community Through a Deadly Pandemic

"I’m so proud of the health care system. These are humbling experiences.”

01/09/2023 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Unity Awards

Andrea Blanch Uses a Trauma-Informed Approach to Solve Social Conflict

“My career has been about empowering other people to see their own strength and giving tools away so that people have what they need to make change happen."

01/09/2023 By Bethany Ritz

Unity Awards

Megan Howell Gives Unhoused People With Mental Illness a Chance to Get Back on Their Feet

"Mental illness isn't a choice, and we provide love and support for our clients even on their worst days."

01/09/2023 By Laura Paquette