Now that everybody is working at home and we’re totally rethinking our workspaces, you might want to consider a place like this cottage in Bradenton’s Village of the Arts. Instead of renovating the 1925 house in a cutesy, shabby-chic way, the owners have rethought it as a stylish home/office that would be perfect for a young entrepreneur.

It has a high-tech look—simple and spare, with finely detailed lines and spaces. There is a touch of a big city loft, but it also feels very Florida, with lots of light streaming in through the windows. You’ll find two bedrooms, each with a bath, and there are several workplaces scattered through out, with lots of high quality storage closets and shelves.

As far as I can tell the current owners are running a design business, which is allowable under the zoning laws in the Village of the Arts. As a neighborhood, it's full of galleries and is somewhat of a tourist attraction; a little ragged around the edges but ideal for an adventurous soul. There are lots of interesting touches here: the living room floors are cork, and there is a loft accessed by a ladder, great for storage but maybe not for Grandma when she comes to visit. I’d hate to see her try to find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

1207 11th Ave. W., Bradenton, is priced at $229,900. For more info, call Ron Pepka of Keller Williams at (941) 708-3455.

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